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We can Help Make Your Retirement Dreams Come True

When you retire, would you rather be counting your blessings, or counting your pennies?

Allow our super advisors to help you plan and meet your retirement income goals.

Could you fulfil your retirement dreams on $248 a week? In 1996-97, the majority of Australians aged 65 years and over, were relying on government pensions and allowances as their principal source of income. That meant that their average household income was a mere $248 per week (or $12 896 per annum) for singles and $455 per week (or $23 660 per annum) for couples*. Like you, many of them probably dreamed about how they would spend their retirement. Perhaps they dreamed of sailing or playing golf? Maybe they considered overseas travel? But with their levels of income, how can these dreams come true?

Superannuation is the cornerstone for fulfilling your retirement dreams. By effectively planning your superannuation contributions, you can plan to have sufficient savings to provide for your daily living expenses plus your special retirement plans (e.g. a holiday or buying a boat). Superannuation can seem confusing sometimes, can’t it? Legislation is always changing and you just can’t keep on top of all the rules and regulations.

Always remember that superannuation is a structure that houses your retirement savings. So the selection of how you hold your investments whether under a self- managed super fund (SMSF), industry fund or retail fund can be crucial to matching your expectations to the final outcome. If you do decide to go with self managed superannuation, a KeysFP super advisor can help you understand how to comply with the relevant regulation whilst maximising the efficiency of your investments.

Your financial planner can help you put in place a plan that will assist you to be financially prepared for an enjoyable retirement.